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  • Obama Attorney Issues Outrageous Statement After Refugees Urinate on 5-Year-Old Girl

    U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson has shied away from from, but not rescinded, her threat to prosecute Americans protesting the policies that led to a 5-year-old being sexually assaulted by Sudanese and Iraqi refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho. The little girl was cornered by a 14- and a 10-year-old, both Sudanese, and a 7-year-old Iraqi. The 14-year-old […] More

  • Obama’s Administration is Removing Freedom of Speech

    The Obama administration is attempting to remove our rights to freedom of speech, along with the second amendment if it discusses Muslims in any negative format. U.S. Attorney for Idaho, Wendy J.Olson,  is threatening to arrest anyone who discusses this. The five year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho who was allegedly sexually assaulted by […] More