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  • SHOCKING: Liberals Rewrite History In Hopes Of Convincing Millennials That ‘The Pilgrims Were Queer’


    On Thanksgiving, Vice published a piece called, “The Pilgrims Were Queer,” a title which was highly inaccurate in its implication that homosexuality was widespread in Puritan society , but apparently necessary in order to permit social justice warriors to feel better about celebrating the holiday. The author writes of a 1625 colony called Merrymount (originally called Passonagessit) […] More

  • Vice News Reporter Arrested Outside Trump Rally In Houston

    A Vice News reporter was arrested outside a Donald Trump rally in Houston on Saturday, POLITICO has confirmed. Alex Thompson was arrested by Houston Police at Omni Westside hotel after attempting to inquire about press credentials to a Trump event being held there, according to a Vice News report. Thompson was arrested at about 1:30 p.m. […] More