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  • Vandals Give Nasty Nancy’s San Fran Home A Makeover!


    Nancy Pelosi’s $5 million San Francisco home was vandalized overnight with a pig’s head surrounded by red paint according to reports. It was also spray-painted with a message appearing to allude to the failed $2,000 stimulus checks. Photos posted on social media show the House Speaker’s white garage door defaced with black graffiti text reading: […] More

  • Violent BLM Mob Attack Rural High School, Vandalize Campus And BLOCK Entrance To Students


    The Black Lives Matter mob have shown time and again that they will target anyone of any age with their violent protest. On Monday morning rural Bigfoot High School in rural Wisconsin woke up to a BLM assault on their school. The Black Lives Matter mob teepeed the school grounds and blocked the entrance to the high […] More

  • Trump Tower Vandalized With BLACK LIVES MATTER Graffiti


    Donald Trump’s new Washington hotel was vandalized Saturday with spray-painted messages of “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice No Peace” on its front entrance. The vandalism comes in the heat of a racially charged presidential contest. Hillary Clinton, who has met with Black Lives Matter protesters, said in their presidential debate last week that Trump […] More