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  • Biden State Dept. Just Quietly Deleted A Website Dedicated To Documenting Communist China’s Genocide Against Uyghurs


    President Biden’s State Department website just quietly deleted a page dedicated to chronicling the Chinese Communist Party’s abuses against Uyghurs. The site – “The Chinese Communist Party’s Human Rights Abuses in Xinjiang” – contained five sections: “What’s Happening in Xinjiang,” “Forced Population Control,” “Forced Labor” “Violations of Religious Freedom,” and “Secretary Pompeo’s Statements.” “The Chinese […] More

  • WATCH: College Students SHOCKED To Discover Biden, Not Trump, Shrugged Off China’s Uyghur Genocide


    It’s long known to those of us on the right that Colleges in the U.S. have become Leftist indoctrination centers, and with mainstream media and pop culture also controlled by the Left it’s unsurprising that America’s youth would be completely shielded of any negative aspects of the Biden Presidency. Students at the University of Florida […] More