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  • POLL: Is Chelsea Manning Fit To Hold Public Office?

    Chelsea Manning announced that ‘she’ will be running against Sen. Ben Cardin for Marylands Senate seat. Remember, the 30-year old trans rights activist was released from federal prison last May after President Obama commuted a 35-year prison sentence she was serving for stealing classified government documents and providing them to WikiLeaks. In 2010, as an […] More

  • POLL: Should John McCain FINALLY Step Down From The Senate?

    John McCain was recently rushed to the hospital for ‘routine checkups’. The 81-year-old Republican Senator has been battling cancer and doctors assured McCain’s family that these were ‘normal side effects’. This isn’t the first time that John McCain has struggled with his health during his tenure as an Arizona Senator. At his age, he is […] More

  • McCain May Use Leverage To BLOCK Trump’s Tax Bill Out Of Revenge

    With administration and leadership aides frantically negotiating with holdout senators, the Senate’s tax vote scheduled for late this week could lapse into next week. That would raise everyone’s blood pressure: Everything is fragile. A senior administration official told me: “We’re still getting it done in a matter of a couple months, instead of a couple of years. […] More

  • Ted Cruz Is REELING From The Latest Poll…Look Who’s Beating Him BADLY!


    After he got booed off the stage during his Republican National Convention speech, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been suffering. Some critics called his speech—where he refused to support Donald Trump for president—as career suicide. Donald Trump graciously allowed the former rival a chance to address the convention, without the demand the he endorse him. […] More