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  • San Diego Teachers Who Fought To Keep Schools Closed Are Now Providing In-Person Lessons To Migrant Children.. And Parents Are PISSED


    Some San Diego teachers are providing in-person instruction to migrant children, while San Diego public school students remain in virtual school, and parents are rightfully pissed. Teachers from San Diego County Office of Education as well as other nonprofit organizations began providing educational services on Monday to some of the 500 minors who arrived at […] More

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  • BAN On Islam In Public Schools UPHELD…Big WIN For Our Kids!

    The decision has been cast by the Supreme Court that Islam will NOT be taught in American Public schools; the deciding vote was cast by none other than new Trump appointee, Neil Gorsuch. The decision is based on the premise that Shariah Law (or any ideology) that conflicts with basic human rights should not be […] More

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