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  • Lest They Forget…America BOMBS THE HELL Out Of ISIS Infested Iraqi Island


    The return of shock and awe: US warplanes led by F-35 stealth jets drop 40 TONS of laser-guided bombs on ‘ISIS infested Iraqi island’ to destroy terrorist stronghold and stop flow of fighters from Syria F-15 and F-35 stealth jets took part in bombing run against ‘ISIS infested island’  40 tons of explosives were dropped […] More

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  • REPORT: An Iranian Spy Is On The Run, And One US University May Be At The Heart Of Her RADICALIZATION


    A former U.S. Air Force intelligence specialist accused of espionage for Iran, Monica Witt, was allegedly radicalized in part during a stint at a George Washington University, which has taken $100 million from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. Certain American universities have received funding from the U.S. government with a partial goal of training students […] More

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  • China Attempts To Enter Greenland – Poses MAJOR Threat To Key US Air Force Base

    Last year, the Chinese government published a report titled “Vision for Maritime Cooperation Under the Belt and Road Initiative.” It laid out the plan for an Arctic connection between China and Western Europe, which would complement the government’s other projects to construct infrastructure and trade routes connecting the country with Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. […] More

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  • BOMBS AWAY – Trump Strengthens Military, Shatters These Records While Shattering Terrorists

    A U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress, America’s longest-serving bomber, set a new record for the most smart bombs dropped on the Taliban in Afghanistan, the U.S. Forces-Afghanistan revealed Tuesday. Shattering the previous record set in November, the American bomber dropped 24 precision guided munitions during a 96-hour air campaign against Taliban training and narcotics facilities in Afghanistan, […] More

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