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  • Actress Lena Dunham Wants You To Honor Immigrant Women

    Left-wing actress and feminist activist Lena Dunham penned a letter on her LinkedIn account Wednesday honoring International Women’s Day and praising her “undocumented” friend’s courage to protest for other immigrants. Dunham described her undocumented friend as a “personal hero,” who’s participation in a “march for immigrants’ rights” left the Girls star “embarrassed” because her “own social anxiety had left me wondering for […] More

  • California Plans To Open Obamacare Enrollment To Illegal Immigrants

    Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Friday that could make California the first state in the country to allow undocumented immigrants to purchase Obamacare coverage. The legislation directs California to negotiate a waiver with the federal government to expand coverage to a population that was intentionally carved out from Obamacare during the law’s drafting. The California […] More