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  • WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Gets HIT HARD With Karma Payback!


    Nancy Pelosi finally experiences what it felt like to be heckled in public. A group of very angry Cubans heckled the divisive minority leader as she made her way into the back door of a Florida restaurant. The group called Pelosi a “piece of sh*t,” and a “f**kg communist” as she was shuffled in the […] More

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  • Street Artist Reveals One TERRIFYING Billboard Of #Uncivil Maxine Waters!


    Street artist Sabo strikes the Left again, this time targeting everyone’s favorite auntie: Maxine Waters, whom he’s graciously given a starring role in one of the longest-running franchises, “Halloween.” Ahead of the much-anticipated opening of the Jamie Lee Curtis-starring “Halloween” sequel, Sabo and his Unsavory Agents altered a massive billboard at Pico Boulevard in West Hollywood to […] More

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