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  • CNN Is Speechless After Tucker Carlson Hits Liberal Media With HUGE TRUTH BOMB

    During the November 7 airing of Tucker Carlson Tonight, host Tucker Carlson pointed out that Texas killer Devin Kelley was not a member of the NRA but the armed citizen who stopped Kelley was. Carlson opened by describing Kelley’s background, saying, “Kelley had been convicted of brutally abusing his wife and infant stepson and received a bad […] More

  • Sarah Sanders SLAMS Media Trolls, Tells Media This One BIG TRUTH They Did Not Want Getting Out


    As Press Secretary for Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has faced her fair share of media hostility. Lately, however, she’s “never been attacked more.” So she’s striking back in a hilarious way. “I’ve never been attacked more, questioned more,” Sanders said during a panel held by George Washington University. I was called a liar by […] More

  • Politifact Called Out For 9 MASSIVE Untruths Stated As Facts About Clinton Foundation

    Politifact editors corrected two errors Friday in their recent post attacking The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Sept. 19 report on the Clinton Foundation distributing “watered down” HIV/AIDS drugs to millions of people in Africa, but refused to correct seven other errors. The exchange began when TheDCNF reported that “former President Bill Clinton and his Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) distributed ‘watered-down’ […] More

  • VIDEO: Obama Lets TRUE FEELINGS About Hillary Slip Out!

    Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has failed to drum up enthusiasm from her supporters throughout this election cycle, so she is having to rely on President Barack Obama to make her case to the American people — which is just really sad. Obama has been more than willing to attend various fundraisers and campaign rallies […] More