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  • Biden Quietly Preparing To Restart Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy As Border Crisis Worsens


    The same president who canceled Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy at the start of his term, resulting in an ongoing nightmare situation of migrants flooding the southern border, is set to reintroduce it next month. According to administration officials, reports CNN, the Biden administration is planning to resurrect a Trump-era border policy that forces migrants […] More

  • President Trump Just Went to WAR With Immigrants Who Abuse Welfare With This MASSIVE BLOW


    President Trump wants only the best for America, that includes immigration. But, sadly, they’re not sending their best, as half of all immigrants are on welfare, and that it’s not fair to hard-working Americans. We’ve become a “charity” country, carrying low-skilled immigrants on our back, but that’s all about to change. President Trump is now looking […] More