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  • Actions Speak Louder: Major Trump Critics Fall Inline, Follow Trump’s Lead Getting Tough On Iran!


    Surprise, surprise: Three countries that are signatories to the infamous Iran nuclear deal have suddenly hardened their positions vis-à-vis Iran after the Trump administration’s airstrike killing Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. On Tuesday, Britain, France and Germany triggered the nuclear deal’s dispute mechanism, which means Iran has 30 days to stop violating the nuclear deal before […] More

  • President Trump Shuts Mitt Romney Up With This Recent Power Move


    By redrawing the boundaries of two Utah national monuments, President Donald Trump handed Sen. Orrin Hatch a major victory in the Republican lawmaker’s fight against increasing federal control over western lands. Trump heaped praise on Hatch’s role in shrinking the monuments and even handed Hatch the pen he used to sign the monument proclamations. The […] More