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  • NBC Reporter Goes Way Too Far With ‘Inappropriate Question’ – Ivanka Puts Him In His Place


    With a heavy reliance on charm, first daughter Ivanka Trump shut down NBC’s Peter Alexander in an interview aired on Monday when he ambushed her with a question about female accusers of her father, President Donald Trump. “Do you believe your father’s [sexual misconduct] accusers?” Alexander asked. “I think it’s a pretty inappropriate question to ask […] More

  • Trump Accuser WANTED To Be On Trump Campaign, Applied For This ‘Hands On’ Job

    Liberals would love to take all the sexual assault accusations against President Trump at face value, lest they quickly fall apart under scrutiny. In a stunning revelation, Jill Harth, a New York cosmetic executive who claimed the President sexually assaulted her in the 1990s, was found to have contacted then-candidate Trump during the 2016 election […] More

  • BOMBSHELL: Left-Wing Lawyer Promised 6-Figure Payoffs To Trump Accusers

    Left-wing feminist attorney Lisa Bloom, who represented two of the women who made sexual harassment allegations against President Trump during the 2016 campaign, sought payoffs as high as six figures for her clients, according to the Hill. From the beginning, Trump has denied any and all wrongdoing. Moreover, he has argued that the allegations were part of […] More