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  • Stanford Marching Band Trolls Trump’s Border Wall, Band Is Drowned In BOO’S!


    Attendees at the Valero Alamo Bowl booed the Stanford University Band during its halftime performance after the bandsmen mocked the border wall, Whataburger, and all things Texan. The performance came during the California university’s bowl game versus Texas Christian University (TCU). TCU responded by defeating the Stanford Cardinals. The Stanford marching band, known for satirical halftime […] More

  • Sarah Sanders SLAMS Media Trolls, Tells Media This One BIG TRUTH They Did Not Want Getting Out


    As Press Secretary for Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has faced her fair share of media hostility. Lately, however, she’s “never been attacked more.” So she’s striking back in a hilarious way. “I’ve never been attacked more, questioned more,” Sanders said during a panel held by George Washington University. I was called a liar by […] More

  • Pro-Clinton PAC Has Spent Over $1 Million Hiring Internet ‘Trolls’

    It’s very likely that you have friends and family who are adamantly against one candidate or another, and their opinions are probably real – even if they may be misguided sometimes. But what about those comments and videos you’re seeing posted by strangers? Those pro-Hillary accounts that are lashing out at Trump or Sanders supporters. How do you know […] More