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  • #ArrestFauci Trends On Twitter Amid Revaluation Of Crimes Against Humanity, Evil Torture of Puppies

    YES! YUGE!

    The hashtag #ArrestFauci is being shared by tens of millions of users in response to the mounting ‘crimes against humanity’ committed by Dr. Anthony Fauci. Twitter users posted the hashtag calling out Dr. Fauci over reports that taxpayer dollars were used to perform ‘evil’ torture experiments on homeless dogs, which led to their painful deaths. GET HIS […] More

  • Facebook Made ‘Black Lives Matter’ Trend Go Viral By Inserting It Into Your Trending Newsfeed

    Facebook staff manually inserted the “Black Lives Matter” topic into its trending news feed in order to artificially boost the movement’s popularity and in turn boost the Facebook brand, according to a former employee who curated news for the site. “Facebook got a lot of pressure about not having a trending topic for Black Lives Matter,” […] More