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  • In Case You Needed Another Reason Not To Wear Masks: Study Links Chemical In Facemasks To Penis Shrinkage


    Dr. Shanna Swan, a professor of Environmental Medicine & Public Health at Mount Sinai Health System, has warned in a new book that phthalates, a chemical commonly used in the manufacturing of plastics, can shrink penises and decrease male fertility. A study listed in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which operates under the National […] More

  • People Are PANICKING After Hearing Reports Of Toxic Waste Released By Hurricane Harvey

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claimed Sunday that the Associated Press is reporting “misleading” claims suggesting the Trump administration is not responding to the damage Hurricane Harvey did to toxic waste sites in Houston. Associated Press writer Michael Biesecker “had the audacity to imply” that the federal government is not properly managing the Superfund sites […] More