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  • UK’s Trump-Bashing Ambassador Just Scored A One-Way Ticket To The UNEMPLOYMENT Line!


    Despite the UK government getting behind Kim Darroch after his criticism of Trump became known, Darroch has now resigned as ambassador to the US. This news should make Trump very happy: FOX NEWS – The British ambassador to the U.S. who criticized President Trump has resigned, the U.K. Foreign Office said Wednesday. Ambassador Kim Darroch — […] More

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  • OPPORTUNITY MISSED: Theresa May To Step Down As Brexit Woes Continue


    Theresa May has announced that she is resigning as the UK prime minister after she’s failed to make progress on a Brexit deal: AXIOS – U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she will resign as prime minister Friday, meaning a country that was already adrift amid the current Brexit crisis now has to replace its […] More

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