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  • Don Lemon Likens Trump Supporters To Cheap Prostitutes – Real Classy


    CNN’s Don Lemon argued Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s failure to condemn Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King was just further evidence of his bigotry. The anchor also said it posed a dilemma for Trump supporters as well, whom Lemon alleged had quietly allowed Trump’s racism in exchange for a tax cut. WATCH: “I think this […] More

  • GOP Just Made A Silent Threat To Paul Ryan – Here Is Why He Should Be Worried


    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told Breitbart News Tonight earlier this week that House Republicans are considering forcibly removing House Speaker Paul Ryan from the speakership via a “motion to vacate the chair” over Ryan’s efforts to undermine President Donald Trump’s agenda. “It’s kind of odd that he has as much power as he has,” King […] More