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  • ‘Come Play On My Court’ – Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Challenges LeBron’s Man-Card, Invites Him To Debate On TV


    Fox News host Laura Ingraham has challenged Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James to come on her show, and debate the mixing of sports and politics. The invite comes after critics slammed Ingraham for telling the NBA star to “shut up and dribble,” instead of talking about politics. Ingraham tweeted out the invitation after taking the […] More

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  • POLL: Is It Racist To Tell Athletes To Keep Political Views Out Of Sports?


    After LeBron James expressed his anti-Trump views on ESPN, Laura Ingraham commented that the professional athlete should keep politics off the court. She brought to point that just because someone is paid millions of dollars to dribble a ball, that it did not qualify them to weigh in on politics through their athletic venue. Almost […] More

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