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  • NY Releases Level 3 Sex Offenders/Child Rapists Into The Public Over Coronavirus Concerns


    One of the most confounding things about liberals is their penchant for releasing dangerous criminals back onto the streets any time they get the chance, and it seems the coronavirus pandemic is as good an excuse as any to free even more miscreants. The latest to get in on the coronavirus prisoner release fun is the Monroe […] More

  • OUCH! Lawmakers Consider Bill Requiring Castration For Sex Offenders

    An Oklahoma lawmaker proposed a bill that would make it legal for the state to allow some sex offenders to undergo chemical castration as punishment for their crimes. State Rep. Rick West (R-Heavener) proposed the legislation on behalf of a constituent, the Associated Press reported. The bill, House Bill 2543, would require violent male sex offenders […] More

  • DRASTIC Rise In Prison Costs Due To Drug Addicts And Sex Offenders

    Health care costs for prison inmates has increased roughly 37 percent from 2009 to 2016, according to an audit from the Government Accountability Office. In fiscal year 2009, the Bureau of Prisons obligated $978 million, which increased to $1.34 billion by fiscal year 2016. While general medical services increased by 37 percent in these eight […] More