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  • POLL: Should Trump Make DACA Concessions To Get The Wall?


    Sarah Sanders announced that the White House will be revealing a DACA bill that ensures Trump’s promises on immigration, chain-migration, and the border wall while providing Democrats with their demanded permanent solution for DACA. Should Trump even make this concession? Should Dreamers be given a permanent solution in order to get the wall? More

  • Ethics Experts Tell The REAL REASON Behind The Shutdown – It’s Not What You Thought

    Congressmen used the chaos of an impending government shutdown to “covertly” neuter efforts to reform Congress’ sexual harassment settlement slush fund, according to ethics watchdogs. Members of both parties loudly expressed outrage at revelations of a system that used Department of the Treasury funds to pay off alleged victims of mistreatment by congressmen in exchange […] More

  • Enraged DREAMERS Storm Chuck Schumer’s Home After Shutdown Cave In, Made THIS Demand

    Dozens of illegal aliens surrounded Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) home in New York on Tuesday demanding that Congress pass legislation immediately to give millions of people in the United States illegally amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. “We want a Clean Dream Act,” the crowd chanted. “When do we want it?” they chanted. […] More

  • Brilliant Tweet Describes Dems After The Failed Schumer Shutdown: ‘LOSERS’

    The Democratic Party continues to get hammered within its own radical left base for caving to the GOP on the Senate budget deal, while Trump and the GOP are reaping the benefits of the “victory.” Witness the following horrific montage (if you’re a Democrat): The Democrats eventually weren’t able to gaslight the American people for […] More

  • Democrat Base FUMING After Huge Loss To Trump Republicans


    Progressive activists are seething after Democratic Senators caved and ended the government shutdown after just three days on Monday. Multiple journalists pondered what was accomplished by the shutdown, considering it resulted in no major victories for Democrats, capitulated to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s terms and gave Trump an easy messaging win. The move also failed […] More

  • Shutdown Over – Democrats Surrender As They Concede To Republicans

    After three days of government shutdown by the Democrats, a “near extinction event” (just kidding) nobody actually noticed, nor was affected by it, the GOP scored a major victory against the left, as they managed to gather sufficient DEM votes on Monday to pass a short-term spending bill that will fund the Federal Government until February 8. […] More