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  • WATCH: High School Student Holds Gun To Head Of Cowering Teacher Because She Marked Him Tardy To Class


    A shocking video has done the rounds on social media showing a student in a French classroom point a gun at a teacher’s head as she projects a slideshow while she was marking homework. The footage shows a student, who stormed into the classroom, menace his concerned teacher by brandishing a pistol, pointing it at […] More

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  • SLIPPERY SLOPE ALERT! New Age Requirement For Guns Would Set Bad Precedent


    Rumors are circulating that President Trump is seriously considering implementing a new minimum age of 21 to buy guns similar to the weapon used last week in the deadly Florida high school shooting. The question then becomes at what age are American adults “safe” to purchase guns? 30? 40? Never? The Hill reports: Trump has said […] More

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