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  • True Americans RISE UP! Huntington Beach Joins Revolt To SB54 And Defends The Constitution


    Huntington Beach’s City Council voted on Monday evening to sue California over its SB 54 “sanctuary state” law, becoming the latest Orange County city to join the anti-sanctuary revolt. The City Council voted 6-1 to sue California over SB 54 (“The California Values Act”), which prevents local authorities from honoring Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) […] More

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  • Orange County Joins Trump, ‘SB-54 Is Dangerous For California…It’s Dangerous For America’


    The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday, March 27 to join a Trump administration lawsuit against California’s controversial sanctuary law. The board’s vote may mark the biggest maneuver yet in a nascent local movement against California’s law to protect people residing illegally in the country. The board announced its unanimous decision after discussing the […] More

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  • One CA City Refuses To Buckle – Defies New Sanctuary-State Law, Wants To ‘Obey The Constitution’


    The city council of Los Alamitos, California, in Orange County, voted 4-1 Monday night for an ordinance to defy the state’s new “sanctuary state” law, and to assist federal law enforcement in stopping illegal immigration. As Breitbart News reported Sunday, the city took on SB 54, the so-called “California Values Act,” which constrains state and local cooperation with […] More

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