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  • BREAKING – Assaulted Trump Staffer Speaks Out With Truly Inspiring Message


    A female staffer serving in the Trump administration was allegedly assaulted on Capitol Hill Thursday by a Democratic operative. Now she’s sharing her story with The Daily Caller. Heather Swift, press secretary Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, was leaving a meeting with the House Committee on Natural Resources when she was allegedly assaulted by an American […] More

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  • Democrat Operative Under Arrest After Physically Assaulting Female Trump Staffer


    U.S. Capitol Police have arrested a male Democratic operative for assaulting a female Interior Department communications official following a House budget hearing Thursday. The assault happened after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke finished testifying on the department’s 2019 budget proposal before the House Committee on Natural Resources. The suspect identified himself as a reporter with American […] More

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  • Trump Set To Further Boost Economy By ‘Unleashing’ U.S. Offshore Oil And Gas Resources

    The Trump administration is reversing the long-standing energy policy that has put 94 percent of the outer continental shelf of the United States off limits to oil and gas exploration and production. The announcement from Interior said: U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke today announced the next step for responsibly developing the National Outer Continental Shelf […] More

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