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  • BREAKING: DOJ Court Filing Reveals Nancy Pelosi Sabotaged Dem Effort To Impeach Trump!


    The Justice Department told a federal judge on Friday the House Judiciary Committee should not be granted access to secret grand jury material collected during Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation because Democratic lawmakers do not agree on why they need the files. The DOJ’s response comes nearly two months after the committee filed a petition in court arguing they needed […] More

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  • After Reading The Report, Experts Wonder – ‘Why Did Mueller Wait So Long To Report No Collusion’


    President George W. Bush’s former attorney general wants to know why special counsel Robert Mueller didn’t sooner clear the Trump campaign of collusion with Russia. Michael Mukasey was a guest on the Fox News podcast “Hemmer Time” Thursday when he asked why Mueller waited so long to tell Americans that he could find no evidence […] More

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