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  • BREAKING: Graham Teams With Dems To KILL Internet Privacy!


    A new bill sponsored by Lindsey Graham, Richard Blumenthal, Josh Hawley and Dianne Feinstein called the EARN IT Act of 2020 will force encrypted communication providers, like Telegram and Protonmail, to give American intelligence services the ability to wiretap private chats or face steep legal penalties. The law’s supporters are using the cover of coronavirus panic to quietly advance […] More

  • Clueless Dem Presses Rick Perry To Spell Out Top Secret Security Measures In Unsecured Location


    Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal pressed Energy Secretary Rick Perry to tell lawmakers what actions U.S. officials had taken to deter Russians from hacking into energy infrastructure. Perry didn’t divulge any specifics. “Can you ensure us that the United States of America has taken dramatic action to deter such Russian attacks?” Blumenthal, a Democrat, asked Perry […] More