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  • Pastor Jeffress Prophecy: If Democrats Don’t Stop, They Will Cause ‘Civil War’ With American Evangelicals


    Pastor Robert Jeffress warned this weekend that if Democrats are successful in removing president Trump through impeachment based on the latest bogus charges it will cause a civil war like fracture in America. Dr. Jeffress went on with FOX and Friends this morning to respond to Nancy Pelosi’s wicked prayers for impeachment. Jeffress believes Democrats […] More

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  • ‘God Has Given Trump Authority,’ To Destroy Evil – Texas Pastor’s Inspiring Message for Trump

    A Texas Pastor isn’t holding back his opinion on Donald Trump and the authorities God has given the U.S. President. God has given President Donald Trump the “authority to take out Kim Jong-un,” according to the Rev. Robert Jeffress, one of the president’s key evangelical Christian advisers. Jeffress’ statement on Tuesday, August 8, followed the president’s […] More

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