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  • Far-Left Democrat Pushing Radical Abortion Agenda Finds Himself In HEAP OF TROUBLE After His Past Resurfaces!


    On Saturday, embattled Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam held a disastrous press conference to defend himself against accusations that he appeared in a 1984 yearbook photo that showed two people — one in blackface, the other in a KKK hood. During the conference, Northam claimed that he was not in that particular photo, but did […] More

  • Ralph Northam Promises To OUTLAW Sanctuary Cities, Then The Progressive Left Does UNTHINKABLE

    Progressive Democrats are outraged after Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam announced Wednesday that he would sign legislation outlawing sanctuary cities. They think his announcement could cost him the race. The progressive group Democracy for America (DFA) announced that it would pull “direct aid” for Northam’s campaign after the lieutenant governor made his sanctuary city comments, even […] More