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  • WATCH: Man Calls CNN’s Chris Cuomo ‘Fredo’, Cuomo Erupts In A VIOLENT Liberal Tantrum!


    CNN anchor Chris Cuomo erupted at a man who called him “Fredo” Sunday in New York. In video of the incident (warning, graphic language), Cuomo –– the brother of Gov. Cuomo –– reacts to being compared to the weakest Corleone brother from the film “The Godfather” with less cool than his on-air personality would suggest. […] More

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  • Idiot Weatherman Fired From NBC Affiliate After Making Racial Slur Live on Air

    A deeply religious meteorologist for a local NBC affiliate in Rochester, New York, was canned Monday for making an on-air racial slur. From Daily Caller: The slur was about the iconic Martin Luther King, Jr. WHEC’s Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Kappell referred to a park with an ice skating rink as “Martin Luther Coon King Park.” The network didn’t […] More

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  • POLL: Should Bill Maher Have Apologized For His Racial Slur on ‘Real Time?’

    On his show Real Time, host Bill Maher made reference to being a “house ni**er,” causing massive controversy (despite the audience laughing and applauding). He later apologized for the comment, but many feel he was not sincere. Do you think he should have apologized at all? More

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