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  • ‘I AM President-Elect!’ Twitter Users Mock Biden’s Hasty Grab To Seize The Throne


    Twitter users are declaring themselves President-Elect to mock Joe Biden, claiming that if he can assume the title without any states certifying his incoming administration, and without any official confirmation, then they can too. “I have just as many states that have certified my incoming administration as he does,” said Jenna Ellis, who has named […] More

  • BOOM: Secret Service Just Showed What Happens if You Threaten Trump… Punk Pays Price


    The Secret Service doesn’t mess around. Since becoming the President-elect, Donald Trump has had to deal with death threats from people who just couldn’t accept that he won the election or that his brand of politics appealed to millions of Americans. These oh-so-tolerant folks have been spewing hatred at Trump for a long time now, but […] More