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  • WATCH: Biden Was PISSED After Thousands Of Trump Supporters With ‘F**K Joe Biden’ Signs Greeted Him In Michigan


    Thousands of Trump supporters in Michigan welcomed President Biden with “F**k Joe Biden” signs on Tuesday, leaving him stunned speechless. Biden was in the state to promote his $2.5 trillion infrastructure plan, which is wildly unpopular. As the presidential convoy passed by, thousands of supporters waved “F**k Joe Biden” banners and gave the president the […] More

  • Uh-Oh! Barack Obama’s Popularity Surges In Polls

    As he heads out of office, it seems that Obama’s popularity is surging. Do you think he’s done anything during his time in office that should make him one of the country’s “best presidents?” Looking at quarterly averages of Obama’s approval, you can see how stark the improvement has been by party. Democrats have slowly […] More