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  • POLL: Should The Declaration Of Independence Be Rewritten To Be ‘Gender Neutral’?

    Liberals are trying to erase and replace US history and apparently nothing is sacred. One of the most recent movements is to change the Declaration of Independence to read “all humans are created equal” rather than “all men are created equal.” Should the Declaration of Independence be rewritten to be gender neutral and “politically correct?” More

  • Yale University Goes P.C., Plans To Change Names ‘Upperclassman’, ‘Freshman’ To Something Less Sexist

    Yale University announced Thursday it’s changing the terms “freshman” and “upperclassman” to “first-year” and “upper-level student” in official campus documents. The university will make these changes in resources like its First-Year Handbook and Undergraduate Regulations, according to Yale Daily News. Yale started deliberating the language change in 2016 when students expressed a desire for “greater gender […] More

  • POLL: Should Free Speech Only Be Allowed If Liberals Consider It ‘Politically Correct’?

    Liberals claim they support free speech, but in reality they only support the first amendment if what’s being said goes along with their LIBERAL AGENDA! Do you think free speech should only be allowed if liberals consider it politically correct, and it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Please VOTE and SHARE to stand up and say, […] More