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  • AP ‘Fact Check’ Labels Mistreatment of J6 Prisoners Just A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Despite Evidence


    The Associated Press, one of Facebook’s fact-checkers tasked with deciding what users can and can’t see online, has declared that the mistreatments of J6 prisoners is nothing more than a silly “conspiracy theory.” Journalist Andy Ngo noted that there have been multiple credible reports of abuse of those imprisoned Trump supporters without trial, but that […] More

  • Poll Shows HALF of Americans Believe Jan 6 Suspects Are “Political Prisoners”


    Despite the GOP establishment throwing Jan 6 protesters under the bus and staying silent as they’re being held in indefinite detention, tortured, beaten, racially abused and locked in solitary confinement in DC jails, half of Americans now recognize they’re “political prisoners,” according to a new poll. From the Washington Examiner, “Half agree: Jan. 6 suspects […] More