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  • Tell-All Book Reveals Crooked Hillary Underwent Secret Plastic Surgery Before 2016 Presidential Run


    A book claims Hillary Clinton underwent secret plastic surgery ahead of her 2016 run for president. Ed Klein the author of “Unlikeable” writes that former president Bill Clinton “wanted her to get a face-lift,” and “She couldn’t do anything about the calendar — she’d be 69 years old in 2016 — but she could do […] More

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  • Afghanistan Vet Receives FIRST Full Genital Transplant


    One of our warriors who was wounded in Afghanistan is now able to feel a bit more whole again after receiving a total penis and scrotum transplant. The operation, performed at Johns Hopkins Hospital, was the first of its kind. NBC Washington reports: A team of nine plastic surgeons and two urological surgeons performed the 14-hour […] More

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  • Women Are Taking DRASTIC Measures To Look Just Like Ivanka Trump

    Snowflakes can lash out at President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her business enterprises because they feel “triggered” and want to take a stand for women everywhere. They can do that all they want. But there are quite a few women who, on some level, want to emulate her. One relatively new trend in […] More

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