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  • Big Tech Teams Up To Create Right-Wing ‘Watch List’ That May Soon Get You BANNED From Everything From PayPal To Social Media


    Our governing oligarchs are firmly devoted to labeling all political opponents as “domestic terrorists,” deplatforming them en masse, shuttering their bank accounts, and placing them on various “terrorism watch lists” and the “no fly list” in order to deprive them of their rights without due process. JUST IN – Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube, and other […] More

  • URGENT: Paypal Founder Warns Trump That FBI, CIA Need To Investigate Google IMMEDIATELY!

    YES! YUGE!

    The billionaire founder of PayPal has called on the FBI and CIA to investigate whether Google has been infiltrated by China. Tech investor Peter Thiel, 51, made the comments during a speech at the National Conservatism Conference in Washington. Thiel, a Facebook board member who supported Donald Trump in 2016, slammed Google for working with the Chinese military while refusing […] More