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  • Pat Buchanan Says The Country Will ‘Not Be United’ If Hillary Wins

    Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan discussed Sunday on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable” what a Hillary Clinton presidency with a Republican Congress would look like. According to Buchanan, the country would be divided if Clinton gets elected president. He told host John Catsimatidis,“If Hillary wins, she’s going to move to the left. But the country will […] More

  • Pat Buchanan Refers To Trump As ‘The Great White Hope’

    A lot of people have suggested that Donald Trump’s candidacy this year is heir to the Pat Buchanan campaigns of the 1990’s – including Buchanan himself. The former candidate provided his explanation of Trump’s appeal in an appropriately titled article: The Great White Hope. Buchanan starts off by referring to the much-discussed (and little-understood) research by Angus Deaton and Anne Case […] More