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  • This Is Satanic! 2020 Dem Admits Abortion Is Necessary To Reduce Overpopulation And To Make ‘Healthcare For All’ More Affordable…


    2020 Democrat Tim Ryan was asked today if he thinks overpopulation contributes to ‘global warming’ and if we should be doing anything to combat it. Tim Ryan literally says the United States should be involved in ‘family planning’ efforts around the world to combat overpopulation, suggesting this is about resources. Wow. In other words, Ryan believes we […] More

  • POLL: Should Americans Stop Having Kids To Save The Planet?

    The left has no shortage of horrifying, sickening and disturbing ideas in its intellectual quiver. NBC news presented a Zero Population program that basically says having kids is as bad as murder. NBC claims: “Scientists showed that having a child, especially for the world’s wealthy, is one of the worst things you can do for the environment. Science […] More