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  • North Korea Does The OUTRAGEOUS! Sends US $2M Hospital Bill For Otto Warmbier


    The U.S. received a $2 million hospital bill from the North Korean government for the care of American Otto Warmbier, who fell into a coma for unknown reasons while he was imprisoned in the country before he died in the U.S. in 2017, Fox News has confirmed. Pyongyang authorities insisted the U.S. envoy sent to retrieve the University of Virginia […] More

  • ‘We Must Speak Out’: Otto Warmbier’s Parents Angry, Critical Of Trump’s Comments During NK Summit


    Yesterday morning, after the conclusion of his much-ballyhooed but quickly abortedVietnamese tryst with North Korean madman dictator Kim Jong-un, President Donald Trump made deeply controversial remarks pertaining to Otto Warmbier — the young American citizen murdered by the Stalinist North Korean regime in 2017. Warmbier, a former University of Virgnia student, was returned in a vegetative state by the North […] More

  • Fuzzy Words Hide Shady Leftists


    “I was not aware of any Communists at Fort Roach*, although there were several gentleman of the extreme left … who called themselves ‘progressives’, a term I subsequently learned was the Party’s code word for true believers.” – Edmund Morris, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of “Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan” *The First Motion […] More

  • Trump Puts North Korea’s Leader IN HIS PLACE

    South Korea’s Yonhap news service reported on Wednesday that North Korea made a very tentative and conditional offer to discuss a ban on nuclear and ballistic missile testing. The offer came rather circuitously through North Korea’s ambassador to India, and there were strings attached, but given how stridently the outlaw regime normally insists on its […] More

  • Trump’s Act of Heroism That Makes Obama Hide His Head In SHAME

    The Trump Administration has been ramping up American efforts to bring home citizens held unjustly overseas, according to a Washington Post report. Otto Warmbier’s family recently credited the Trump Administration for helping bring the 22-year old home from North Korea imprisonment. However, President Trump has been working on releasing American worldwide. The Trump Administration has […] More

  • UPDATE: North Korea Releases American, Otto Warmbier, From Prison – What They Did Before Releasing Him Is HORRIFYING!

    A horrifying update has just been released in regards to University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier, who recently was released back to the United States from a North Korean prison – in a coma. If you remember, Warmbier has spent more than a year in a North Korean prison serving a 15-year sentence of hard labor. Warmbier […] More