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  • Could California Be In The ‘Danger Zone’ From a N. Korea Nuke?

    U.S. public health and first responders in California and throughout the West Coast have begun preparing for the impact of a potential nuclear war after North Korea fired a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) over Japan last week in the anniversary of America’s triumphant Inchon Landing in the Korean War. In 1950, with U.S. forces barely hanging on to Pusan […] More

  • BREAKING: North Korea Has Threatened to NUKE New York City

    North Korea is letting its crazy show again. The pariah state this week threatened to launch a nuclear strike on President Trump’s hometown of New York City. The threat was a very belated response to Trump’s insistence back in January that he’d never allow North Korea to attain the ability to strike mainland America. A […] More