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  • China Successfully Launches ‘Artificial Sun’ Ten Times Hotter Than The Sun

    According to state media, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) experts have successfully launched China’s nuclear-powered “artificial sun.” During testing, the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) set a new world record by reaching a peak temperature almost ten times that of the sun, according to CCP-controlled news channels. For 100 seconds, the “artificial sun” nuclear fusion reactor […] More

  • Iran Pledges To Ramp Up Nuclear Program Unless Countries Fork Up Some Serious Cash


    Top Iranian leaders issued a series of warnings on Tuesday, telling world leaders it is on the brink of restarting a significant portion of its most contested nuclear work, including the enrichment of uranium to prohibited levels that could be used as part of a weapons program. Tehran’s demands have become increasingly clear since the […] More