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  • Trump/Pompeo Accomplish What Obama Failed To Do – Uniting The World Against The Threat Of Iran

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia—The Trump administration is waging a multi-pronged effort to thwart Iran’s expansion across the Middle East, including efforts at the United Nations to ensure global sanctions come back into effect in what would mark a final death blow for the landmark nuclear deal, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Washington Free Beacon in an […] More

  • Finger-Pointing Left Wants Us To Forget How Many Innocents Died Under Obama’s Failed Iran ‘Diplomacy’


    Even a quick perusal of twitter will find the likes of Ben Rhodes, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, John Kerry and other members of the Obama administration gleefully lecturing America about how brave, nuanced and extraordinary their ‘diplomatic efforts’ with Iran were in comparison to the clumsy, thuggish and brutal diplomacy that the Trump administration has […] More

  • Iran Calls Trump A Cowboy, IRATE After UN Speech

    Senior Iranian leaders verbally attacked President Donald Trump late Tuesday and early Wednesday following his first United Nations address, in which the U.S. president harshly criticized Iran for its support of global terror operations, according to regional reports. Iranian political and military leaders, including the country’s president, mocked Trump for his criticism of the Islamic […] More

  • POLL: Should The 2015 Obama-Iran Nuclear Deal Be Revisited?

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently said the 2015 nuclear deal between the U.S., five other world powers and Iran “really has to be revisited.”A key sticking point in the current agreement is the so-called “sunset clause,” which automatically lifts most key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program by 2030. “Unfortunately, this is what [U.S.] governments in […] More