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  • What Did Ted Cruz Ask That Has Twitter And Facebook Squirming?


    Recently, representatives of Facebook and Twitter testified before Congress. This subcommittee on the Constitution was specifically on the subject of censorship in technology, and Congressman Ted Cruz had some questions that made the social media giants pretty uncomfortable. In the exchange, Cruz asks why this quote by Mother Theresa (now Saint Theresa of Calcutta), which […] More

  • Hillary Is FURIOUS After Pope Announces Plans To Canonize Mother Teresa

    Next Sunday Pope Francis will declare Mother Teresa a saint, the very woman who fought Hillary Clinton tooth and nail for her abortion advocacy. Before some 3,000 people at the National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington DC Hilton Hotel in 1994—including pro-abortion Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Al and Tipper Gore—Mother Teresa spoke passionately about abortion, calling it […] More