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  • Michelle Obama Takes A Stab At Trump – She Immediately Finds Out It Was A BAD IDEA!


    A feud has now erupted between President Trump and former First Lady Michelle Obama, and it’s all very Trumpian. According to The Hill, the former First Lady excoriates the current President in her upcoming memoir, titled “Becoming,” in which she announces she will “never forgive” President Trump for spreading the birther conspiracy in the years leading […] More

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  • WATCH: Trump Undoes Michele Obama’s Silly School Lunch Restrictions, and Kids Everywhere Are THANKING Him

    Michele Obama thought she could stop obesity by taking away classic school lunch options, so kids would “learn to make healthy choices.” She particularly hated that schools provided chocolate milk. Trump has decided this was silly brought chocolate milk back. Watch full story below…   GOT MILK? Regular chocolate milk back on school menus as […] More

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