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  • Merriam-Webster Literally Just Re-Wrote The Definition of ‘Assault Rifle’ To Fill Leftist Agenda


    In the wake of the Feb. 14 Parkland school shooting, CNBC delved into the confusion surrounding the term “assault weapon” — a term devised by anti-gun advocates in the 1980s that is essentially based on “military style” cosmetic features that have no bearing on how the firearm actually operates, and “assault rifle,” which has long been […] More

  • Proof Trump Haters Have NOTHING Real To Complain About

    When President Trump posted a misspelled “unpresidented” tweet, Merriam-Webster tweeted a definition of “huh.” During the presidential campaign, Trump said it was a great “honer” to win a February 2016 debate. So Merriam-Webster defined that word as “one that hones.” When Trump called Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) a “leightweight chocker,” the dictionary mocked him by […] More