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  • Los Angeles Sheriff Takes A Stand: We Will NOT Be Enforcing RIDICULOUS New Anti-Science Mask Mandate


    Sheriff Alex Villanueva of Los Angeles County has announced that his department will not enforce Newsom’s new mask rule, which is slated to take effect this weekend. Newsom’s Department of Public Health reintroduced a rule that all people, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks indoors on Thursday. “We’re not where we need to be for […] More

  • L.A. Sheriff Increases Staff, Anticipates 400% Jump In Concealed Carry Permits


    The Los Angeles County sheriff announced on Wednesday his office plans to increase the number of gun-carry permits issued to residents by 400 percent. Sheriff Alex Villanueva (D.) said he would assign additional staff to process gun-carry permit applications in an effort to improve the sheriff department’s operations. He said the new resources could quadruple […] More