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  • Liberal Congressman In COMPLETE SHOCK After Gay Son Comes Out…As A HUGE Trump Supporter!

    Here we have an interesting ‘coming out’ tale from a young man whose liberal family was “overjoyed” when he told them he is gay.  The real trouble began, you see, when he started having impure thoughts.  Political thoughts.  Adam Levine is the son of a former Democratic Congressman from southern California.  And now he’s telling the world about […] More

  • Trudeau GUSHES Over Trump, “I’m Positive Trump Will Make America Great Again”

    Despite the increasing likelihood of a renegotiated NAFTA collapsing, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remains positive about his relationship with President Donald Trump. In a Christmas interview with CTV News, Trudeau said he remains positive about working with Trump because the president was elected “to make America great again.” Trudeau admitted that he’s found Trump to be […] More