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  • Teacher Gives 11-Year-Old Student Bad Grade For REFUSING To Bash Trump On Homework


    Ten days ago we reported on a Deerfield NH, School study guide that referred to the Founding Fathers as Fat, Old White, Rich men. Today we’ve got a report on how an 11-year-old got docked 15-points on their homework for refusing to bash President Trump. A Staten Island, New York, educator teacher placed an anti-President Trump question onto […] More

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  • School Teacher Pays Thousands In Damages After Joining ANTIFA And Doing This…


    A California court ordered a prominent Antifa activist and teacher to pay thousands of dollars in damages to a former University of California, Berkeley student, according to a Friday report. Yvette Felarca, a teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. middle school, must pay $11,000 in damages to Troy Worden, the former president of UC Berkeley […] More

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