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  • A ‘Non-Violent’ Criminal Released From Florida Jail Due To Coronavirus MURDERED A Man The Very Next Day


    Well, this is something no one could have predicted (well, except everyone with a brain). A Florida man released from jail last month to “help” limit coronavirus outbreaks in county lockups was arrested again Monday — accused of murdering a man the day after his release. Joseph Edwards Williams was facing drug charges when he and 163 […] More

  • Rep. Ted Lieu Shows Height Of Liberal Ignorance With This MORONIC Tax Cut Argument

    Liberal California Congressman Ted Lieu blamed “human nature” for his “no” vote on President Trump’s tax reform package because he thinks poor people will get jealous of other people’s tax cuts. Just as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed, the left-wing congressman jumped on his Twitter account to slam the bill for the bad effects he says it has […] More