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  • California BUSTED Trying To Hide Public Crime Data That Was DAMAGING To Kamala Harris’s Presidential Hopes


    A redesign of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website will make it harder for voters to inspect Sen. Kamala Harris’s controversial record as the state’s top cop. The department removed public access to a number of reports on incarceration in the state, including when presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D.) was California’s attorney general. […] More

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  • Gun Control Idiot, Jerry Brown, Signs Bill Making It ILLEGAL to Stop a School Shooting With a Gun


    California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Saturday that guarantees that teachers cannot shoot back if they come under attack at school. The bill, AB 424, was introduced by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty’s (D-Sacramento). McCarty introduced his bill after five California school districts chose to allow teachers and/or staff with concealed carry permits to be armed on campus to defend themselves […] More

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