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  • BREAKING: Lebanon Fires Rockets At Israel — Captured On Video


    Four rockets were launched from Lebanon into northern Israel between Galilee and Haifa only moments ago. The Iron Dome is said to have intercepted at least two of the rockets: 🚨 Sirens sounding in northern Israel 🚨 — Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 19, 2021 #Breaking: a barrage of rockets just fired from #Lebanon […] More

  • Lebanon FINALLY Stops Forcing Women To Marry Their Rapists

    Following years of advocating by women’s activist groups, Lebanon’s 128-member Parliament on Wednesday voted to repeal a controversial law that allowed rapists to be exonerated if they married their victims. Article 522 suspended criminal prosecution of rapists if the violator married his victim. Otherwise, the convict faced up to seven years of prison time, more […] More